Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’ Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm

Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’ Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm

This Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’ Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm is too awesome and would be the perfect way to start an off grid life. If you are one of the people who is thinking that life in the city is not for you, then off the grid housing solutions like this are wonderful. Most times when people think of going off grid, it seems like too daunting of a task. There are so many supplies you have to gather, so many different things you have to learn about and research to figure out how to implement into your lifestyle. Then there is wrapping your head around how to grow your own food and provide electricity for your family and household. You also have to consider what to do with your refuse and human waste because when you are living the off grid life, there is no sewage able to take care of that for you. When people go off grid, there are many grids that one could be referring to as well, like the electrical grid, the water grid, the banking grid, the consumerist grid, the internet grid and so on. But usually when people want to live the off grid life, it means they want to get as back to basics as possible as well as be as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

A company in California is making this dream a very possible reality to more people by creating this Farm from a box solution. They take the guess work out of creating your own homestead and off grid life and provide you with off the grid housing, solar power and the things necessary to get started on growing your own fruit and vegetables. The packages even comes with a 3,000 watt generator as a backup. The farm in a box comes in a shipping container that can be 10 feet, 20 feet or 40 feet depending on what size is needed for the family. All of the packages are equipped with wireless internet to boot, so if people still want to stay connected to the world that way, they are free to do so. They also provide the farming equipment as well as training on how to use everything and get the most of their farm. The farm in a box packages can live sustainably on a two acre plot of land ideally and the land doesn't even need to have access to water directly since irrigation is supplied.

A prototype of this awesome concept is being tried out Santa Rosa Junior College in Sonoma, California presently to learn more about how it would work in the real world. The company hopes to offer these kits to women in Ethiopia to assist them in creating a sustainable life for them and their children. But the packages will also be available for sale at prices ranging from around $25,000 to $40,000 depending on the size and the customizations.

Imagine living in off the grid housing with solar power and all of your home grown fruits and vegetables. That would be an amazing life to live, and this farm in a box makes it ever so easy to obtain this awesome off grid life style without all of the hassle of having to find the materials yourself. Many people dream of living an off grid lifestyle and now, it is becoming easier and easier for people to make the transition, which is a very good thing for people since it helps to empower and create alternative living situations that work for both humanity and the earth. Make sure you check out the full article on Eco Watch and see the photos of this great opportunity maybe you will want to order one when they are ready to be sold.*

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