The Wonderbag Is A Slow Cooker That Needs No Electricity Or Fuel

The Wonderbag Is A Slow Cooker That Needs No Electricity Or Fuel

Collecting off-grid tips, tricks, ideas, and innovations that will help make the transition to an off-grid lifestyle easier? Or perhaps you are just interested in living an environmentally-friendly life with a low carbon footprint? Or maybe youre studying the way in which third world countries are overcoming energy, fuel, and electricity challenges? In any case, the Wonderbag is a slow cooker that needs no electricity or fuel, and can cut cooking costs dramatically. It is simply a well-insulated, eco-friendly bag that can cook your food slowly through heat retention. All you do is prepare your soup, stew, rice, or sauce, heat it to its optimum cooking temperature in an oven, on a stove top, or a fire place, then remove it and seal it up in the Wonderbag. Using an ingenious principle called thermal preservation, the Wonderbag can continue cooking your food for up to twelve hours, so that it will be ready to eat whenever you are. The Wonderbag will work most efficiently with pot sizes between two and nine quarts, and its best if they only have short handles or no handles at all so they will easily fit inside the bag. Another wonderful use for the Wonderbag is that it can keep your food cold as well.

The portable, energy and cost-efficient Wonderbag is not only an excellent off-grid appliance for individuals and families, but its changing the way people in third-world countries are living. Because it doesnt require any electricity to use it, it cuts down on the amount of energy needed for cooking overall. Initially, you do need a stove top or fire to heat the pot and its contents, but this is only for a short time. Once you place the pot in the Wonderbag, the stove top or fire pit is no longer needed and can be saved for later uses. The food will magically cook itself in the bag for however long is needed. Once it is completely cooked, it will stay warm until it is eaten. All of this means that the Wonderbag is saving kerosene, coal, and gas costs, as well as firewood supplies - and the time required to collect precious wood. It is estimated that the Wonderbag can save up to thirty per cent of energy costs that are often connected with cooking. It is slowing down the process of deforestation because families need less wood to cook with.

Invented in 2008 by Sarah Collins, an entrepreneur based in South Africa, and Moshy Mathe, a poverty activist, the Wonderbag is dramatically transforming the way people in developing countries are collecting and burning fuel. It is also helping those living off the grid to live more simply and easily. The Wonderbag is made from a blend of polyester and cotton and its magic lies within its inner insulation layer consisting of polystyrene balls that have been recycled. These balls are what hold the heat in and allow the food to cook for hours at a time; they can also keep food chilled which is extremely helpful for hot countries like Africa, reducing spoilage and helping supplies last longer.

Whether you are living off-grid by necessity or by choice, low-energy and low-carbon-impact ways of cooking are invaluable at this time and the Wonderbag is one of them. Each and every Wonderbag has the potential to decrease carbon emissions by a half a carbon ton every year. No matter where you are in the world, if youre using a Wonderbag, you are helping to bring our world back into balance. This Wonderbag video comes from the Wonderbag World YouTube channel where you can watch several different videos depicting all of the wonderful ways the Wonderbag is effecting positive change in the world.

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