Want To Live Off Grid? Yes, But Only If I Can Reside In A House Like This…

Want To Live Off Grid? Yes, But Only If I Can Reside In A House Like This…

It seems that tiny houses just keep getting better and better, with more tiny house and small house designs, styles and plans than ever before. This "Colourful Solar Powered 'Ravenlore' Tiny House Is Built To Be Off Grid," a dream come true for many people, full of function and great design.

This 'Ravenlore' tiny house is 176 square feet, it is 22 feet long by 8 feet wide. The tiny house weighs 13,500 pounds and sits atop a four axle trailer, making it easy to move to whatever location you need to. The tiny house has the solar powered system built right into it, with solar panels fitting perfectly onto the tiny house roof. The tiny house is built by Tiny Green cabins, and has a bathroom with shower, kitchen and living room area, and loft for sleeping. This tiny house has wood throughout the interior and the exterior of the tiny house in painted in bright purples, blues and pinks, it is a beautiful tiny house space, suitable for off grid tiny house living.

There are many reasons for making the move into a tiny house, many people consider downsizing from their large space into a tiny house, in order to save money and own their tiny house outright. By freeing up money spent on a large mortgage, it allows people to have more savings in the bank, and offers the freedom of being able to do more of the things you like, from hobbies to passions. Tiny house living comes in many shapes, sizes and designs, with most tiny houses being a reflection of the owners tastes and personality, along with the type of builder you choose and location you build. With each tiny house being unique.

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